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Girls are different: smart, beautiful, funny, slender, kind, positive, and so on. This is only part of the positive qualities of the weaker sex. The formula of a perfect girlfriend looks like this: hot + smart + fun. But these are too general requirements. So, how to choose the right girlfriend?

How to find the right girlfriend

1. Choose a cheerful girl
Perhaps someone likes sad, gloomy, and moody girls. They have a changeable mood, but most often they feel bad one. Such a girl is often dissatisfied with something. She constantly needs to be pampered and entertained. Do you need it? Why look at the constantly unhappy face, if there are a lot of funny girls?
Choose a girl with a cheerful and easy character. Such girls can be easily recognized by a constant smile. They like to laugh and have fun. They are not driven by trifles and rarely have a mad mood. Funny girls laugh with pleasure at jokes and even at themselves. They don’t turn every little thing into tragedy but treat life with humor. What girl to choose? Do you want to look at a girl with an eternally sour facial expression? No! It is better to be alone than with such a girl. Life should be conducted only with cheerful and positive girls!

2. Choose a girl of the same age
Young or adult women are good only for experiments in bed. Young girls don’t yet know what they want, and adults are already spoiled psychologically. Too much age difference will not bring anything good. Trying to find the right girlfriend, choose a girl suitable for your age. Thus, you will avoid a lot of problems.

3. Choose a smart girl
A girl should be smart. Silly girls are good only for one evening, but no more. Then they begin to annoy with their stupidity and, in general, it is easier to communicate with smart girls. They are adequate and interesting. If a girl is smarter than you, that’s not bad either. It is even better. But, most likely, you don’t guess that she’s smarter. She can do it very professionally so that you not feel uncomfortable.

4. Choose a sports girl
According to the research, the proportion of men who are keen and engaged in sports is almost 1.5 times more than women. 54% of women have overweight, and this is 2 times more than men. A woman, who doesn’t engage in sports, becomes noncompetitive by 30 years. If a girl doesn’t do any sports and doesn’t see the sense in it, then it’s worth thinking what girl to choose – a sportswoman or an ordinary girl. Here the choice is obvious. Female beauty is more fleeting. Don’t you want to see the transformation of your girl into a fat woman? Do you want to have healthy children? Look at a girl now. Thus, you will not bite your elbows after 5 years of relationships.

5. Choose a temperamental girl
Even the stunning figure of a girl doesn’t guarantee good sex. She may not show emotions; she doesn’t really like to have sex; she is not too active in bed after a year of relationships; during sex, a girl just lies and groans, sometimes giving signs of life. Do you understand now what we are talking about? She is not for you, even if she looks stunning.
Sex with a hot temperamental girl is better than sex with a dozen stupid beauties. It is easy to identify hot chicks by initiative they show. They themselves are dragged from sex and want to try something new. They have an enviable imagination. Temperamental girls enjoy life, and sex is important to them. Finding the right girlfriend, you will not even look at others!
Don’t let yourself be reckless in finding the right girlfriend for you. You must choose a girl for yourself. Thus, you will avoid frustration in a relationship. Girls should inspire and excite blood. Otherwise, why live?

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