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Will Smith disses “orcish ” music in the latest footage from Netflix’s upcoming movie, Bright , in which Smith plays a law enforcer in a sci-fi world. Of course, Smith is no stranger to the genre, having played a similar (if more comedic role) in the Men In Black trilogy. Smith provided two hit singles for the soundtracks to the Men In Black films, which makes this new Bright footage seem somewhat meta.

Netflix is banking hard on Bright , a sci-fi spectacle that was scripted by Max Landis, which sees Smith reteaming with his Suicide Squad director David Ayer. In a bid to promote the film, Netflix is recruiting an army of people who share Will Smith’s name. There has also been more than one Bright trailer , as Netflix attempts to spread the word about this big-budget action movie.

And now, as the latest part of this big promotional push for the film, Netflix has released two new Bright clips. In this first one, Smith’s character Daryl Ward is disgusted by the music taste of his orc police partner (Joel Edgerton’s Nick Jakoby):

Ward just needs to introduce Jakoby to some human R&B.
9:00 PM - Dec 4, 2017
26 115 Bright Film

“We will not be listening to no orcish music ”, insists Daryl, as he switches off the orc anthem that sounds like metal but is, according to Nick, “one of the greatest love songs ever written .” Daryl isn’t having any of it, and he disses the track as a “love song in prison ” with some typical Will Smith sass.
The second new piece of Bright footage showcases something completely different, allowing viewers to glimpse one of Daryl and Nick’s assignments through some low-quality body cam footage:

Officers Ward and Jakoby are on the job. #BrightMovie
11:00 PM - Dec 5, 2017
1 9 46 Bright Film
In that grainy and colorless clip, Daryl locates and attempts to capture Lucy Fry’s mysterious character, Tikka. Combined with the previous clip, this footage proves that Bright is a film that will straddle genres. As well as having banter between the cops, there will also be some gritty action elements. There might be hints of a buddy cop narrative, but there is also a lot of dark material.

However, there is one side of the film that this Bright footage doesn’t really touch upon. Smith has stated that the film will tackle police racism and the experience of being a black man on the force. So, alongside the banter and the grit, there will also be a modern message of sorts. It should be interesting to see how it all blends together.

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